The ordeal of my disappearance



I suffer from long-term chronic illness and am housebound most of the time.
I have fallen into great isolation. After many years too unwell for social life I decided to attempt limited contact with other living beings via starting a blog.

  I Thought I would put some of my creative work on here. I make no claim for my writings, but I hope they are not all so bad as to deserve expunging from the world?
Since I have no one to pass them on to: they will probably end up in a rubbish tip unless preserved online.

  I intend to get a scanner to add my artwork. Apologies for the rather bare appearance of this site. I have never done anything like this before and have no technical ability. Due to my symptoms it is hard for me to even sit at a computer.

 I would welcome feedback. As nobody has ever taken an interest in my writing I have no idea how it might come across to readers.



Thank You!