I post thoughts, artwork, verse, and musings upon existence.

On this blog you can take a break from relentless positivity,
to indulge your inner lostness.

My interests include: art, poetry, reading, music, guitar, philosophy, and chess.







(A previous version remains below…)








The ordeal of my disappearance



  I suffer from long-term chronic illness, being housebound much of the time.

 Falling, gradually, into great isolation,
after many years too unwell for social life:
I decided to attempt limited contact with other humans, via starting a blog.

   Am putting some of my creative output on here.

  Having no-one to pass it on to: my work will probably be lost, unless preserved online.

  I lack technical ability or experience, hence a rather bare appearance for the site.

 Due to my symptoms it is hard for me to even sit at a computer, so progress is rather slow



(  I welcome feedback.

As nobody has ever taken an interest in my work, I do not know how it might come across to readers.)




Thank You!