This delicate laboratory
of our eyes
in which small doors close
Behind lies that darkness
of the head

Eyes need not tell
sight is already a language
its words
like air





 In shame



Speaking from a mouth of pain
who would want to hear such things
am I to sing of pockmarked skin
my ugliness and dismal days
what kind of songs are those?

So mirror take me
earth swallow
my soiled face
and scarred soul
I want to be invisible.




From the sky



The sky
this great blue
from space
in remorseless
unseen hail
turmoils of light
speaking a jargon
for the eyes.





 Parent tape



If it wasn’t for you
I would have made something
of myself

If it wasn’t for you
I could have done it and gone
wherever I wanted

If it wasn’t for you
I wouldn’t be taunted
by those chances I missed

There’s that other life
I would surely have led
if it wasn’t for you

If it wasn’t for you
who is to blame
for such failures?

If it wasn’t for you
who knows what things
I might have to admit.





Darkness monotone



In darkness monotone
here I lie
attending to a cerebral sky
where perceptions unfolding
shiver with exclamation
while through an electric tide
beneath this skin
beating its numbers
I feel the useless f
of my heart.





Another language


With snapping wind and heavy cloud
a scattered day

My taut flesh not relieved
where kisses
leave their ache

Tonight earth lies cold
even for a lover
whose dreams are unbetrayed

These awkward lips
try to speak
another language

like dead leaves.





 Newly washed creation



Up there
clenched stars

the dawn

transient red
flushing rose

the sun





 Word machine



The horizontal voice drives
through tunnels
of printed lines
down cramped margins that score
a mute white glow
loose from meaning now
as insect rush
they stipple and stut
on exhibition
babbling word machines
do manic dance
while eyes skid across
their jostling forms
which thrash beneath
in a pattern
of assault.