Secrets are for spies





Explore a face.



Mine reveals little.


This tired old mug:

fit only
to be endured.


my mouth
bears fruit.



Yet secrets remain.


I can’t help you with them.




are for spies.








The poem above was the last piece of writing from my teens.

Your comments are always welcome! 😊

Hope everybody is well? πŸ™


Thank you
for reading.


(Any art or image on the blog is mine.)




Apologies if this post is less coherent than normal.
Disorientation prevents proper concentration and editing.

I’m really struggling, presently.
The virus, mentioned before, has flared up for a third weekend running.
(Assume it’s flu, but don’t understand why symptoms keep recurring, intead of easing?)

Feeling feverish, exhausted, and in great pain.
Very difficult sitting at my computer, or focussing on words.

Though I refuse to abandon blogging.

Starting to get anxious about the current situation.

Was too poorly for much shopping, during recent weeks.
Using limited reserves.

Venturing out midweek(after five days) I found supermarkets almost stripped of food.
Never seen anything like it.
Now I can’t restock.

I’ve largely been socially isolated for almost 30 years, due to chronic health problems. Going to the shops is the only place I regularly get near others.
Yet still catch colds and flu.
Buses are full of coughing people, all year round, in England.


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20 thoughts on “Secrets are for spies”

      1. Ken, you are way too hard on yourself. Lots of people on WP have noticed a decline in views………there is just so much going on in the world that attention is else where. It was good…. sending you love and light! πŸ™‚

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          1. Yes, people are at home but some many of us have a lot more on our plate with everyone at home. πŸ™‚
            Blogging is very hard work – it takes a lot time and it must be done for the love of it……….do it for yourself and if others enjoy it too, a huge bonus!

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          2. Yes. You are right.
            The stress has got to me, Wendi!
            I’ve been hit by two NEW infections (on top of flu, fever, ME, vertigo, and all the rest).
            My brain is being affected.
            When I saw you didn’t like the post, I wished I hadn’t written it at all. Hope just drained out of me. (Mood swings can do that.)

            Sorry to be such a drag.
            Hope things go well for your week ahead.

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  1. Hello Ken. After replying to your comment on my post, I see you are fighting a longer battle. Apologies for that, I assumed it was about the Corona Virus which has been sweeping the planet. Sending positive thoughts and strength. I am saddened to hear some people have negative comments (which of course have affected you). As with everything bad, there is always some good and maybe your altered state of consciousness will pay unexpeceted dividends? Best of luck. B

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    1. Thank you, Bella!
      How nice to see you drop by!
      I think post-viral depression has hit me.
      (To be honest, I’ve been wondering what I had, it seems atypical for flu, going on this long.
      Splitting headaches, repeated fevers, severe pain, exhaustion.
      Getting slightly better for a few days, then worse for several days (then better, then worse again…etc, etc,)
      but so far, hardly any coughing.)
      Have spent more time than usual finding interesting new blogs, though.πŸ™‚


  2. Your last poetry from high school is curious. I’m sorry for your troubles. RE: people reading…after beating myself up trying to figure out why…..i found it all has to do with their schedule/what is on their mind, etc. not my writing. Who would have thought? Better luck to you. Thank you for reading my poetry today.

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  3. I read several posts in which you talk about the virus, about empty shelves … the quality of the sentences is such that it goes beyond blogging, ie it can grow into a dystopian or post apocalyptic novel in the form of a diary, by collecting such records.
    To witness a time like this if there is a will to write about it (I intended something similar) and even just writing about how there is no will to write about it at all is an exceptional work that brings with it timeless quality – the form of the novel would was exactly in the form you use – your blog holds my overall attention.

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    1. Thanks Leila!🌝
      It’s always good to see you visit my site, and to hear from you 🌼.

      I probably had “long Covid”: which recurred at least 6 times, throughout the year 2020.
      Though the later outbreaks were much briefer than the original attack (fortunately!).

      As for a novel: I don’t think I have the energy and stamina for such work any more, due to illness.
      (In fact I already have a (first) novel 3/4 completed, but cannot bring myself to finish it, which torments me.)
      I end up leaving many things unfinished because of my symptoms: horrible exhaustion, brain-fog, etc.
      So shorter forms of writing (poems/blog-posts/musings/aphorisms) are more achievable for me.


      1. it is precisely the “good news” that this fragmentary way of writing is ideal for the form of the novel – time intervals contribute to the atmosphere of the novel – the story has fragility, vitality, directness, plot, existential plot and dystopian character.
        write whenever you feel capable of writing – believe me, there are those who read you.
        I am among them.

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        1. Thank you, again, Leila: for your interesting thoughts.✨
          But perhaps these ideas are better suited for YOU, since your imagination seems richer and more fertile than mine.
          I feel restricted to a smaller scale and scope. Even if I attempted such a storyline, it would probably only last a few pages: due to my lack of creative stamina; which reflects my depleted state.
          Sorry for this delayed response:
          I have been distracted for a couple of weeks, working on my recent post, that kept expanding (until it became several poems, instead of one). Then answering all the comments; and also e-mails (plus other events).
          I hope you are well.πŸ™


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