Message from an unknown god






Open up those eyes.

I know well who you are.

Best wash
some words
before you speak.


So hear me as
internal voice.

From down where
drives push
beyond decency.

Misshapen spawn of neurone swamps
formed under DNA.

There’s no escaping guilt.
And siblings envy, greed…


Desires run deep, I’ll
keep things raw
to set the ear ablaze.

Short sentences
yet fibre rich
igniting mental life.


But your understanding’s
like an unused station:

Few connections run.

Through silent tunnels
even gods don’t breach
dour reason’s stern defence.


In olden times
if patience frayed we’d
blow men senseless
with our farts.


Though these days many
pillared halls
now echo


We need more fervent

Prayers plus incense smells.



Pay heed, then
when your bowels sound
their sordid cannonade.



Just stay on
the path.

Be righteous.
(Lest that feeble stomach churns.)



And out of
dissipation’s chaos

you may
learn respect



for dread.












Hi everyone!


More old writing morphed from prose toward poetry, during editing.


Hope you are well?

I’m still battling the virus mentioned last Sunday.
It’s made me feel more depressed, anxious and lonely.

But another unwanted side-effect is that reading seems much harder, as well.
(Which is normally a pleasant escape, in my situation.)
I wonder if others find the same thing happens when illness strikes?


Comments are always very welcome!


Thank you all for visiting.


(Any art on the blog is mine.)

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3 thoughts on “Message from an unknown god”

  1. well done Ken. I am so sorry that you are still struggling with a virus……sometimes it feels as if you get kicked again, while you are down.
    my favorite lines
    “Short sentences
    yet fibre rich
    igniting mental life.”……..they really stood out and spoke to me. 🙂 sent a prayer up for you.

    Liked by 1 person

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