scan 13



Reverberations move

around a soul.

Imagined far
beneath the skin.

Set where misfortune’s
malign codes

might multiply
through cells and blood.



As rain still fell

I trudged along night-shrouded


by wretchedness.



Footsteps sounding hollow.

Stifled tears were
kept unshed.


Within this skull
a pressurized

stayed dammed up
like my pointless




And there would never
come release.

In love’s fond gaze

or tenderness.


Just more futile
lonely years

used tissue
down sewer pipes.



No wife, no child
to change such fate:

excluded from normality.




While any hopes
grew weak

then charred.




Among despair’s
















Hi guys!

Hope you are well?

My old prose got poetized again, during editing.

(Any art on the blog is mine.)

Comments are VERY welcome! 🙏 🙂

Thank you for reading.





(P.S. Illness makes blogging a struggle, so I’ve been considering a writing break.

But that would mean missing all your feedback which encourages me to go on.)


( anxiety / art / blog / blogging / depression / life / loneliness / love / mental health / poem / poetry / thoughts / writing )


2 thoughts on “Wretchedness”

  1. The words of this poem really hit my soul and I could feel some of your sadness and loneliness……..the picture you drew is so perfectly suited for your words. For me the picture resembles the life of chronic illness, isolated, walking this path with very few people who understand our daily suffering………..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Wendi!
    It seems many fit people cannot imagine feeling constantly unwell.
    And some prefer not even considering the possibility.
    (Hence, times I have been shunned, once my illness was known.)


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