Tattooed by signs






Picture this awareness

behind its mental screen.

Unsure of getting
meaning through.


I sow thought
at transition points

where blankness is
tattooed by signs.

As images become revealed
across the passive sheet.


Creatively, my
felt reserve’s
been running low


Time was when words
waxed almost

To weave their fragile web
of lines
and occupy a void.


Why I spun them’s
far from clear.

Perhaps hoping
they’d be read?

So, seen in other’s
eye’s fresh lit
which brings ideas alive.


Retaining wishes
more were bustling
underneath my pen.

But fearing any
verbal force
might reach a final


Instead, such crops
still germinate.

once part-formed
can grow.



I think I sense

Even now.





















Hi guys!


Hope you are well?

My old prose got poetized again, during editing.

(Art on the blog is mine.)

Comments are very welcome!

Thank you for reading.



Health update

After 8 weeks my finger infections are slightly less inflamed.

With luck, I may soon get back to just dealing with the usual symptoms…

(ME/CFS, pain, exhaustion, weakness; vertigo; EPI/pancreatitis; migraine; IBS, PTSD, stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety; ulcers; kidney stones, etc.)

Perhaps I might put an ironic emoji here, if I knew how to use them on WordPress…


🤨      Oh!


(anxiety / art / blog / blogging / depression / drawing / life / loneliness/ mental health / poem / poetry / thoughts / writing)

6 thoughts on “Tattooed by signs”

  1. “Time was when words
    waxed almost

    To weave their fragile mesh
    of lines
    and occupy a void.”………love these lines Ken! Your artwork is the best yet. the blue is stunning and the piece really draws you in……..

    Liked by 1 person

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