Spun from light





 Lostness    ( 105 )



Who decided we need music in bookshops?

Why save no peaceful corners for
a quiet soul to seek?


Introverts get reduced choice
as others move to bar more space
from unfilled silent time.

Creating asymmetric stress
on those made tense by noise.


Aping malls, cafes, and
lavatories: will
libraries soon
proclaim some added sounds?


At hospitals
I’ve fretted
pain’s lost hours
trapped facing
fixed TV’s.

(Many adverts later
euthanasia gained appeal.)


Illness drove me there again
a body breaking down.

Sat wishing I’d been spun from light
not draped by weary flesh.



Awareness of deficiencies
may leave unsolved
their cure.

Though deep within
are yearnings for
a place
beyond this state.


Yet being gloomy
through these moments
what will brighten up the rest?

(Or if I can’t change now
then when?)



But misfortunes
an appetite
that hungers after hope.


And a heart craves


sour truths

just feed







( Any art on the blog is mine: I hope you like it?

Comments are always very welcome!

It’s so nice when people break the silence and isolation of blogging with chronic illness.

Thank you all for reading.)



( anxiety / art / blogging / depression / lostness / mental health / music / painting / poem / poetry / reading / thoughts / writing )

7 thoughts on “Spun from light”

        1. You are too modest, Wendi!

          But, for example:
          your post “The quiet” on March 4th has 119 comments, so far
          : more than I will get in an entire year!

          Whereas, only a single person has found my efforts worth a comment in over 3 weeks…
          And that was you!

          Without you I would be speaking into almost total silence.
          Which I find very disheartening after 2 whole years of blogging.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. You are so very kind Ken, maybe the word quiet struck a chord with people as we have so little of it in the world.
            You keep at it…………there are people who appreciate what you. I also find writing for writings sake to be therapeutic……….it allows me to be creative as I can’t in so many other ways.
            Bless you my friend………..

            Liked by 1 person

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