Kinder conquest






Lostness   (93)



While hate, in others, looks extreme
we often see good reason for our own.


Vice is too rewarding
to be entirely left behind.

Hence anger could well clasp offence
as focus of an inner stress.

Scant evidence which vindicates
can bring a short relief.


Yet, should want
plus sensed entitlement
become deserving rights
these soon inflame
at nagging faults
with sad reality.

Heaping more frustrations over
still fermenting rage.


Suffering need not make us nicer.
Victims might grow merciless in
victory, when pride demands
great recompense.


Once armed
a doctrine gains
self-serving force.
Where bias blinds
less crimes seem unforgivable
if targeting
correct disfavoured groups.

Vengeful movements used to work
at hiding guilty secrets
newer versions, missing shame
show pictures
post event.


After harmful acting out
an understanding may be sought
and so one hears excuses sound
in softer hearts
like codependent abusees
appease bad-tempered bullying
holding back from bolder speech
they tiptoe round to keep
a peace that rarely lasts
for long.


conflict starts again.

Best maintain patience, anyway

just hoping, somehow
kindness, caring,

will spread worldwide

and conquer all.


it’s hard to find

an empire won
by love.









(Any art on the blog is mine. Comments are very welcome!)

(Am very ill and low at present: finding it hard to keep this going.
Viral attack is further impeding concentration. Hope my writing makes sense?
Thank you for reading.)



( art / beauty / culture / depression / drawing / ideas / lostness / love / mental health / philosophy / poem / poetry / politics )



7 thoughts on “Kinder conquest”

  1. Ken, this post is so very good and very true and it makes perfect sense. LOVE the last 10 lines, they are so perfectly worded.
    I have sent a prayer up for you for healing and heal and love and kindness. I am sorry to read that you are feeling so low at the moment. If you would like a physical card sent to you, please go to my contact page and leave me a message. If you don’t hear back from me in 48 hours the message did not go through and please try again. (I have a card ministry and happily send cards to others with chronic illness)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Wendi!

      I think the brain fog plus constant pain and dizziness all take a toll.

      Never had much confidence to begin with.

      Reading a thing over so many times I get sort of word-blind, and just can’t decide if it works, or not.
      Sometimes I press “publish” from being simply too exhausted to carry on.
      (Then, getting up the next day, find unseen faults and start editing once more…)

      Every week I feel like giving up, but the likes and comments encourage me to try again.

      Liked by 1 person

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