“Before you die!”




Lostness   (89)



That passion to be known
which rages in obscurity

among those craving fame
while long oppressed
by wounding insignificance.


Once people felt constraint
from often being seen.

Now cities spread a stressful
where visual culture gives
non-appearance taints of


Should we embrace our humble fate
not take demanding ego’s prompt at
vainly chasing special praise?


Though some lone individuals
lacking faith in what’s beyond
think dying ends their only world.

An apocalypse for one.



Religion’s wake spawns techie dreams
transcending weak humanity
envisioning uploaded minds.

So hoping vaster data’s grace
permits becoming animate as
ghosts in new machines.

Yet aspirations to spectrality derive
from basic dread of
darkness, fathomless.


Older souls might here bemoan the
rotten luck at getting born, perhaps,
in final generations facing
total voids
outside much chance
for virtual



Then I read these (numbered):

“…things to do before you die!”

A current media cliche
tempting us to overrate experience.

As if death’s dire severity were
offset with a well-ticked list
and items added on could
compensate our missing
an eternity or
memories from
what we did.

But instead
my brain
stayed haunted

the monster

of extinction.







(Any art on the blog is mine. I hope you like it. Comments are very welcome!)




(anxiety / art / beauty / culture / death / depression / drawing / lostness / mental health / philosophy / poem / poetry / thoughts )






9 thoughts on ““Before you die!””

        1. I’m pleased to hear you say that, Wendi:
          because, when you mentioned “shivers” I was concerned it might have been upsetting.
          And I wouldn’t want to put you off of reading my work.

          (Also, I am sorry for the delay in response:
          had not logged into WordPress yesterday and, for some unknown reason, my “notifications” setting disabled itself(?).
          So I thought there had been no comments to answer.)

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes, I guess that in one negative thing about leaving written messages, sometimes I don’t explain myself very well.
            Please don’t ever apologize, blogging needs to fit into your schedule!
            Sending you blessings Ken…………

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Ai!

      So kind of you.

      (Apologies for the delay in reply:
      I had not logged into WordPress yesterday and my browser notifications had turned itself off (don’t know why that happens?),
      so I thought there were no likes or comments to see, or reply to.)

      Liked by 1 person

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