Thoughts in search of an aphorism


Lostness  (23)


Being understood is a risk certain writers are reluctant to take.


It still matters what we call the unnameable.


Art begins with imitation in order to surpass it.


Reward is one assistant of manipulation.


I enjoy silence since I am not deaf.


The vanity of rebellion seeks an impossible break with history.


Through organisation man transcends himself in order to repress himself.


A moderate approach to problems: tackle some effects while maintaining their cause.


Desire to sanctify our passion tends to overcome any doubt of its merit.


Sensing our potential for cruelty we are wary of more powerful beings.


For happiness no questions are necessary; for sadness no answers are sufficient.


Beauty is also subversive.


History is what has been chosen for us to remember.



(sept-dec 1979)





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