Beware of the question

Lostness  (18)


One issue after abuse: can I allow myself to be loved?


How long could people stay together before beginning to lie?
Might a relationship shorten if they insist on the truth?


Would I remain creative without some tinderbox of pain or unease?


Do verbal descriptions of feeling tend to have imperfections resembling those of linguistic translation? Does the analogy mislead?
Language was not designed for analysis. Studying a mechanism steps beyond using it.


Beware the plausibility of a question, just because it may be asked.


“Fabricated Concerns Ltd.” The name of a company in a dream I had.


Even poets hold “workshops” these days. Is art genuflecting to labour?
I prefer “art for art’s sake” to “work for work’s sake.”


Magical thinking shows a mind’s effort to protect itself from powerlessness.


Do atheists pray to their own subconscious?
Do believers?


A God outside the causal nexus cannot be deduced from inside it?


In some sense the supernatural undermines the mortal. Heroism exists without immortality.


Each moment is an end.










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