Melancholy in Utopia

Lostness   (17)


One day even computers may become depressed.


For me the appeal of Utopia is that if I am going to suffer melancholy I should prefer it to be in comfort.


Is there time in a void?  Time exists in relation to matter.


People are a perennial disappointment. Some are distinguished by a fathomless lack of depth. The vacant head might pass for enigmatic.


Would precognition imply a future ready to be seen: a finished universe? Slices through static eternity.


How many times do we feel something is going to happen that does not?  The correct hunches get remembered.


A sense of immortality coming from our dreams, where we seem to defy nature.  Back to an age when laws of physics had less meaning for us.


Metaphysical falsifiability.
I can easily envisage circumstances which could cause me to renounce my disbelief in the supernatural. Can believers say the same about their own openness to correction? A belief able to cite conditions for its falsifiabilty has more claim to reason.


Whatever indeterminacy affects this table at a quantum level, it retains painfully determinate abilities to impress itself upon my shins.


Space has no taste
but swallows everything.









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