Vampire Poem 1977 (5)

The Mistress I serve


Awake in velvet
its black dust brooding on her fingers
she bid me remove both garlic and crucifix
I hoped my face would hide fear
or desire
but caught in the pull behind those eyes
hooking under my skull
hardly able to breathe
pressured in my throat
I knew there was no cure
once her mouth touched my skin
craving undressed each resistance
until I melted into the fever
of her body.

May God have mercy upon my Soul.

Soon I could no longer heed words
our talk was like eternal snow
quietly falling
on a dead world.
If only I might drop
through unarmed sleep
away from the burning gaze
and flapping wings which move
across my mind.

Life, where is thy warmth?

I recall strange melodies
tiny hands
glinting in goldfish stabs at her keyboard
while my delirious brain still revolved
among thorns of hallucination
I felt coldness stretching wide as night
over giant trees.

Lord take my spirit safely into thy grasp.

Beneath me she purred in her shroud
then groping roughly
from an inferno of need
in every hungry cell.

” I feel the wounds of dead Souls
in my head
and hear their words.”

I trembled at the sound of that voice
rising from a void without end.


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