Dream Triad 1976 (3)

(1) Entrance

Memory flashed before her.
Through the gloom
objects sank to shadow.
“I feel faint” she thought
“but I must not give way.”
Intuiting vastness
beyond her frightened face
to one side a cool draught
its source an entrance
like a grave
steps slanting down.
What passageway was this?
Finding a door
again she hesitated
as if vines clung to her body
and a yearning elixir
from another part of the dream.


(2) The Click

At the sound of falling
her breath tightened.
A dim light flared
then movement overhead
coming closer
unknown shapes.

She braced herself
and heard the click.


(3) Ivy

The door had shut.
Groping her way in darkness
one hand brushing ivy
with its nervy engines of leaves
against the skin
she tore an old spiders web
feeling empty in her heart.

It seemed a long time
since she had been kissed.


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